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How to take care of some flowers?

I have some flower. They are in my very sunny balcony. There is no other place that i can put them. Some of them had a kind of white cotton-looking stuff on them. Especially my begonias. And their leaves and flowers are getting fade. Also my hortensia (is that the right name for it - i don%26#039;t know) has that white stuff on it. How can i get rid of those?

I have an azalea, too. That one is going away, i can see that, the leaves are falling. I thing i gave it a lot water:/ Are there anything to be done?

Thank you guys...

How to take care of some flowers?
Does this look like powder on your plants? If so, you may have %26quot;powdery mildew%26quot;. It%26#039;s a fungus that is infectious and it sounds as though the conditions on your balcony are perfect for it. Here%26#039;s an article with more info and solutions:

You may also have gray mold. Here%26#039;s a terrific website with pics for identifying and treating your plants:

Both of these conditions are contagious. If you have any healthy plants on the balcony, move them immediately. It sometimes helps to remove diseased leaves, but be sure to wash your hands after pinching off affected areas. This stuff spreads really, really easily.

I hope this helps!


Can you reverse Root Rot on pepper plants?

My Bell pepper plants were fine one day, wilted and dying the next (after an evening watering) - I strongly suspect root rot. Can this be reversed? They are just beginning to produce right now and I want to save my Bell Peppers if possible! I was thinking about digging them up and replanting with azalea mix in pots which I have on hand as I think they do prefer a more acidic soil and that soil mix has better drainage qualities. Good idea, bad, any better ideas? Any advise is welcome! Thanks in advance.

Can you reverse Root Rot on pepper plants?
I think you%26#039;re on the right track.. better draining soil could be your best move.

pot them in larger pots and try to get the existing root mass out intact. Higher porosity soil may let the root mass dry better and the roots may re-generate. I don%26#039;t think you%26#039;ll %26#039;reverse%26#039; the root rot, but if there is better airspace in the container, your peppers could recover.

Good luck!

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Where is the Best Kept Secret for Buying Real Estate in San Diego?

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Where is the Best Kept Secret for Buying Real Estate in San Diego?
where the turf..meets the surf..... your fingers not pulsating that much,

if you have time to write the 1st chapter of a very boring book.


Theme question?/?

I asked this question earlier but I would like more input... my wedding is in less than 2 mths.My colors will be seafoam green and azalea(deep pink). My accent color will be silver... maybe.What%26#039;s the theme you can think of based on the colors? and also I could use help on an accent color cause I%26#039;m not too sure about the silver. Thanks so much for your input.

Theme question?/?
Perhaps you could nix the silver accent and use white! Since it will be a summery wedding, you could go with a %26quot;chic%26quot; theme!

Maybe find some vintage pieces to add in with your decorations...if you research the %26quot;shabby chic style%26quot; you can find thosands of images with those color combinations. This could steer you clear of the 80%26#039;s or even retro 50%26#039;s look of the pink and green together.

I would just pull the colors together as a fresh summer feeling! Martha Stewart and Rachel Ashwell have both used the chic look for quite awhile and it is absolutely breathtaking when you combine a light green with pink and white....delightful!

This would also widen your flower could add white in there for your accent and variations of pink flowers~your decorations could be very simple and yet elegant~maybe you could drop a bouquet of your centerpiece flowers in a vintage %26quot;chic%26quot; seafoam green vase. Add some vintage linens to your decorations? Lots of crystals to hang around the reception area? The possibilities with this theme would be endless!

Anyway, just another suggestion to consider!

Good Luck to ya, and congrats on the wedding!
Reply:the skys the limit or love brought us together. and i think you need to stick with thte colors they will be nice together
Reply:We didn%26#039;t really have a theme, but our invitations, programs, napkins, favor containers, etc. all had the same design - double hearts; which had nothing to do with our colors - pink and gold. I%26#039;m not sure you really need a theme. But a theme kind of depends on what time of day you%26#039;re having your wedding %26amp; reception, what part of the country you live in, how big is the wedding and is it formal or informal?
Reply:What do you need a theme for?

I like the silver, but if you don%26#039;t two colors is good enough.
Reply:sea foam green. and azalea makes me think immediately..

80%26#039;s , high bangs, circle knots on the longer tee shirts w/ spandex ... sorry that%26#039;s what comes to mind when you put those two together.
Reply:sounds like colors you might see in a Japanese garden. Maybe some deep colored cherry blossoms etc. You could do a Japanese Afternoon Tea or something to that effect. Something garden like will definitely work and silver is or white is your best choice for an accent color. Good luck!
Reply:i really do not understanfd ur question. if you are asking for colors they should be a ppink and a light blue
Reply:The first thing that comes to my mind with that color combination is a Tropical or Beach theme. Sea foam reminds me of the water and Azalea reminds me of the bright pink flowers of the Caribbean or Hawaii. I would nix the silver accent and go with white and a deep blue as accent colors.
Reply:I would go with a sea theme. Maybe seashells, and beach items on the tables and have like a beach wedding theme. I would suggest hitting ebay and do a beach theme wedding search. Hawaiian would work, too. It has more colorful colors, and everyone could have a lai.
Reply:It sounds pretty, I%26#039;d keep the silver accents, with those colors, you can do any theme that you like. Keep it simple, you don%26#039;t have a lot of time left. You don%26#039;t want to spend all of your time worrying about a theme. Have a happy and fun day!
Reply:Yeah i would say that the seafoam and pink aren%26#039;t a good combo. plus you don%26#039;t need an addition theme. most weddings just have colors as their themes.

Here is a webpage that you could browse that might help you decide. They have a variety of different themes that might trigger your creative mojo.

...also I was thinking renassaince, but i guess only if your pink was burgandy...hope this helps.

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What do you think about this gift for my mom...?

Azalea Bonsai?? Does it smell good?

What do you think about this gift for my mom...?
Hi, I think that she would love it. Azaleas don%26#039;t normally smell though. But My, arn%26#039;t they pretty?Bye
Reply:not much smell. she must think that you are more than a kid. a plant is a responsibility. like a puppy . take care of it and love it.
Reply:Does your mother like to garden? If she loves plants, spends time taking care of them and has a green thumb, she will appreciate this type of gift. Bonsai plants do take maintenance, but can become treasured specimens that last a lifetime. My Azaleas are not fragrant, however.

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Will my japenese maple trees leaf out after the recent freeze killed the new leaves?

All of our trees had begun to leaf out when we had 4 days of freezing weather. We covered our japenese maples and azalea bushes but the leaves on all our trees were killed.

Will my japenese maple trees leaf out after the recent freeze killed the new leaves?
yes,Unless the trees were covered before the freeze
Reply:They will sprout new leaves, but it could be slow.

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Compost, granular fertilizer, miracle grow....all of them? Or just one of them? Very confused HELP!!?

We bought our house three years ago and the flowerbeds had been severely neglected, bone dry with horribly dry, hard NC red soil. We mixed in lots of horse manure the first year, planted a few things which died. Last year we pulled out a ton of dirt and put in topsoil and compost, planted and everything lived (yay!) but didn%26#039;t really grow much. Now, everything planted last year is coming up, covered in new growth, leaves, and some flower buds. I am so confused on how to feed them, there are so many options and I don%26#039;t want to overdo it. We mowed over all the leaves that fell off our trees in the fall and put them in the flower beds, then covered with a thick layer of mulch over everything. The leaves are breaking down into the soil, so that is considered food I guess? I have osmocote pellets I used last year, and wanted to get miracle grow and add compost on under the that too much? Plants are hydrangea, lilac, rose, azalea, rhodies, going to plant camellia in there in week

Compost, granular fertilizer, miracle grow....all of them? Or just one of them? Very confused HELP!!?
Slow down. Too much too soon.

1). leaves need to be well rotted to be benefical to the flower beds. Leaf molds. They take about 3 years to rot in the compost pile before adding to the beds. -rotting leafs stink. Plus the pull the nutrients out of the beds- allow them to rot.

2). Osmocote is good to start new plantings with.

3). Amend the soil with 1 part sand, 1part peat/topsoil-humas/loam and 1 part your garden soil. Then plant.

4) Add bonemeal to flower/rose beds. Check your PH.

5) Add compost (well rotted - store bought or on 3rd year post) to established beds in the spring to add nutrients lost over the winter and when you removed you winter mulch.

6). Miracle grow works best when used on existing beds.

hope this helps.

7) Try Posie Power - you can order from the internet.
Reply:TwinC is right. Too much too soon and too high an expectation.

Go to your local Nursery and purchase a Granular 10-10-10 with minerals fertilizer. Apply it now, again in mid-June, and in Mid-Sept. A little goes a long way so one bag will last you the season for a garden setting. It also does wonders for turfgrass when applied in late fall. It is also cheap!

Stop using leaves from trees in your garden! You are looking to spread diseases and pests from such trees into your bed. A good shredded hardwood mulch is much better and decomposes much quicker. Take a soil sample to your nursery for Ph examination. Most of your plants want acidic soil and they can recommend the right additive given the Ph of the sample. Good Luck
Reply:three things will help you

Lime powder type

compost and mericalgrow fertilizer,

Lime will sweeten the soil,compost will keep the roots cool and hold the moister the plants need and add to the soil in time,fertilizer will feed them but only feed them well once a week once the plants start to bloom stop the fertizer and only fertilize once a month unless you have drowt then do it more often good luck your plants need the graybox acid type mericalgrow,they all like acitic soils.